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Massage at work

Why using "Go Massage Pro" for a massage service in your company?


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The benefits of massage
at work

The corporate massage is given to a fully clothed person in a seated position on an ergonomic chair. It has an easy set up in your offices and/or at an event and has its immediate effect.


Happiness at work should become a priority for all companies in order to allow employees to be more involved and to flourish at work.


This massage helps to release the tensions accumulated with stress and restores energy and motivation to your employees, they then become more productive and efficient. ​


Contact me to make an appointment

Massage only by appointment.

Please book in advance if you would like an appointment at the time and on the day that suits you best.

You can contact me by email:

You can contact me by phone:

(+32) 0485 145 449

You can contact me by sms or "whatsapp":

 (+32) 0485 145 449

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Massage at work.jpg


corporate massage 


 Usually a seated massage session

lasts +/- 20 minutes. 

We can easily adapt the duration of the massage (15'/20'/25') according to the number of people to be massaged or to bring a 2nd massage therapist.


(price excl. VAT)

Express (2h)= 175€

(8x15min ou 6x20min ou 4x25min)

1/2 day = 300

(14x15min ou 11x20min ou 7x25min)


Full day = Price on request

Transport included in Brussels

(excluding parking fees)


Cancellation or date change

You can cancel your massage 24 hours in advance without cancellation fees. ​


The same day, you will be asked to pay 50% of the price of the massage, in order to avoid many last minute cancellations and deprive other people who also wanted to be massaged, thank you for your understanding.


​ Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to change the date and/or time of your massage.

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