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Massage at home

Not only you enjoy a good massage but you are also at home after the massage and you can really relax.



Contact me to make an appointment

Massage only by appointment.

Please book in advance if you would like an appointment at the time and on the day that suits you best. ​ The easiest way to contact me is via "whatsapp". ​ You can of course call me or send me an email but the fastest way of communication is "whatsapp"

on my number (+32) 0485 145 449.


The day of your appointment

At home, I usually come a little before the start of the massage session (but it all depends on the traffic on the road so if I'm ever a little late I'll let you know). ​


I bring all the necessary material, you just have to prepare 3 large towels. We will discuss together the type of massage you want to receive and the desired pressure on the same day. ​


Your massage remains in the field of well-being and in no way medical, sensual or sexual.

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Massage prices

You choose the duration and price of your massage:


​ 45 mins = 55€

60 mins = 70€

90 mins = 100€

Additional transport costs depending on your address for your massage at home. Starting from the HCWO center:

- of 5km = 10€

- of 10km = 15€

- of 15km = 20€


​ Payment in cash or via the "Payconiq" application by scanning a bar code. ​


Cancellation or date change

You can cancel your massage 24 hours in advance without cancellation fees. ​


The same day, you will be asked to pay 50% of the price of the massage, in order to avoid many last minute cancellations and deprive other people who also wanted to be massaged, thank you for your understanding.


​ Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to change the date and/or time of your massage.

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