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Offer a "voucher" for a massage

Gift voucher.png

Offer a massage as a gift

Would you like to offer a massage as a gift? Good idea, this gift always pleases everyone. ​

How does it work to book a voucher?

​ You choose the duration and the price of the massage to offer:

​ 45 mins = 55€

60 mins = 70€

90 mins = 100€

​ Additional transport costs for a massage at home.

​ To give you the terms of payment, do not hesitate to contact me via: ​


Telephone; (+32) 0485 145 449

WhatsApp: (+32) 0485 145 449

​ You will receive a digital voucher for a massage session to offer

(if you want the "paper" version, do not hesitate to contact me).

Thank you
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